Diet for Pancreatic Cancer

One of the most difficult types of cancer in treated using conventional western medicine is a pancreatic cancer. One good way is with an alternative treatment for pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is quite difficult to treat because it has a very minor symptoms before it spreads to other parts of the body. This is because pancreatic cancer is generally very aggressive. When they are often detected too late for conventional Western medicine to do anything to prolong life for several months to come.

How do I know pancreatic cancer? First you must understanding what the pancreas because most people do not have a clue. The pancreas make enzymes that in turn helps people digest the food that enters the body. The human body needs this assistance because the cooked food has no more live enzymes. Some are working to produce pancreatic enzymes called trypsin. This enzyme is eating a hole in the wall so that the cancerous tumor and white blood cells can enter the cancer tumor and then destroy it, basically, everyone has cancer cells, when the immune system in good shape, the body has a supply of trypsin in charge of destroying the cancer. So if you eat lots of cooked food, then you have little or no enzyme protection against cancerous tumors because you're using all of trypsin to digest food. But if your immune system is in poor condition, the body does not have enough defense available.

Another task of the pancreas also produces insulin to break down glucose in the body resulting from food. On People with diabetes, the pancreas either produces sufficient amounts of insulin or none at all, so that people with diabetes require additional supplies of insulin.

So what is a good alternative treatment for pancreatic cancer? Did you know, it all started back in the days of Hippocrates, a father of modern medicine. Hippocrates once said that the cure for cancer is garlic and onion. At first glance this may sound silly to some, but you have to learn further that this is a reality.

This important discovery come in 1924 when Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg wrote at the paper that the cancer can not survive in the presences of oxygen and the chance that garlic and onions are a small group of foods that are naturally alkaline and contains oxygen so that Hippocrates may not know why it can work well, this is the correct method.

Another indication that all cancer patients have in common is that their body fluids have acid ph. This is important because the acid tends to displace the oxygen. Fluid alkali tends to hold on to oxygen. Alternative treatment for pancreatic cancer and other types of cancer is to alkalize the body. This can be done by eating foods that are alkaline, either directly or after alkaline foods to be digested by the body. Because there are a lot of acidic foods, you should probably also need additional calcium supplement such as alkali.

Calcium and alkali has other benefits for the human body. All types of calcium is good, but it is best calcium coral calcium. Calcium is easily ionized so that the rate of absorption in the body to 100%. If using a type of marine coral calcium, it's better because they contain up to 80 types of microbes that can help digestion in the small intestine. He also has a 1/2 magnesium as calcium. This is the ratio of calcium to magnesium is necessary to prevent calcium can cause constipation.

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